Our Research Framework

Within our Strategic Plan we have developed a key Research framework that sets the direction over the next five years for all research involving Mithaka Country, Traditional Owners and their Traditional Knowledge. We have established the principles of collegiality with partnering researchers and institutions and identified an action plan to move forward.

Understanding Mithaka Country, Culture and Mithaka people in the past and into the present is important to the Mithaka People. By integrating non-Indigenous scientific methods with Indigenous approaches and knowledge, we hope to build a thorough understanding of how Mithaka Country received her people and how she carried them in the past and will carry them into the future.

Our Research Framework works to guide research using culturally inclusive protocols and principles that will form the base from which all research is planned, designed, negotiated, implemented and communicated; and seeks to establish ethically produced research that promotes and uses the benefits of cross-cultural partnerships and epistemologies.

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Mithaka  Research Goal

Seeking the Evidence to understand the past and present for our journey forward.

Mithaka Key Research Objectives
• Produce research on Culture and Country that provides meaningful knowledge and educates Mithaka People and the broader community;
• Use research to support a continuity of Culture for Mithaka People – learning from the past and creating into the future;
• Develop research that is evidence-based and validated, creates baseline data for future research, and fills gaps in current research; and
• Recognise Mithaka identity in research processes and outcomes.

Research Partners

MAC have partnered with Griffith University to undertake research on Mithaka Country throughout 2017 and 2018.

Media Releases

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