Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation


The Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation (MAC) is the main governing body for all Mithaka business. It is managed by 6 Directors and an employs an Administration Officer.

MAC Directors

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MAC is registered with the Office of Register of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and is managed in accordance with the Mithaka Rule Book an ORIC approved constitution. The Mithaka Rule Book aligns to a number of federal and state legislations, particularly CATSI Act 2006, Native Title Act 1993 and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003

Mithaka People

Mithaka People are the Native Title Group from an area west of Windorah in SW Queensland. They generally come from two main family groups. Many of the Mithaka people have lived and worked in the pastoral  industry and shire councils within the Mithaka country.


Mithaka Country

Mithaka Country is approximately 33,800km2 of pristine rivers, rolling gibber plains and sandhill’s located in the Channel Country of SW Queensland. Mithaka Country falls under two Shire Council areas Diamantina Shire Council and Barcoo Shire Council.

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Mithaka Culture

Our Mithaka culture is deeply dependent on our special relationship with our traditional lands and waters.

Mithaka Culture remains rich in existence through the many  sites of significance, ranging from standing gunyahs, large stone quarries, burial sites,extensive stone arrangements and scattered artefacts.


Stone Arrangements

Standing Gunyah

Standing Gunyah


Mithaka language is recorded in a number of mediums and the Mithaka People are working to bring that back alive.


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